How long does a full set of lashes take?

 A full set of lashes typically takes around two hours. This all depends on the amount and difficulty of your natural lashes.  

How do I prepare for my first lash appointment?


1. Arrive with a freshly clean face and squeaky clean lashes.  

2. Avoid oil based products on and around the eyes.  

3. Wear comfortable clothing, you'll be laying down for up to two hours.

4. Don't curl your lashes the day of your lash appointment. 

5. Avoid caffeine the day of your lash appointment to avoid fluttering of your eyes.

6. You are also welcome to bring headphones to listen to your own music or podcast!

7. Please try to leave any guests or children at home as this is a longer appointment.  

How often should I get a lash fill?

I recommend coming in every two weeks for a fill. If you like your lashes to look full and fluffy all the time i would recommend a 1 to 1-1/2 week fill!    

How do I make my lash extensions last longer?

1. Clean and brush them daily

2. No rubbing, tugging, or plucking!

3. Avoid excessive sweating 

4. Avoid humid environments 

5. Don't get them wet for the first 24-48 hours

What's the difference between Classic, Volume, and Hybrid lashes?

Classic lashes are one lash extension per one natural lash. Volume lashes are three or more lash extensions per one natural lash. Hybrid is a mix between classic and volume.  

I'm worried about having an allergic reaction to lash extensions, what should I do?

Booking a lash consultation which includes a patch test will rule out any possible allergic reactions to the adhesive.  

Can I book a lash fill with a previous lash artist's work?

I do work on clients with other artist's work, however I only work on classic lashes that are squeaky clean and have retention of a two week fill (approximately 50% or more).